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February 25, 2019Diet and Your Skin

The Pill That Dermatologists Take Every Morning

My patients, and even beauty editors, are always asking what skincare products I use. What cleanser do I use? What retinoid do I use? What sunscreen do I use under my makeup? The thing is, what’s good for my very dry, sensitive skin may not be good for someone else’s skin. If you get a group of dermatologists in a room, I can guarantee you every one is using a different skincare regimen. Yes, maybe we overlap here and there on a serum or a daily moisturizing sunscreen, but skincare is really personalized and what works wonders for one person might cause stinging, burning and irritation in another.

That being said, the last Dermatology conference I attended, every dermatologist around the table did have one thing in common when it came to our skincare routine: we were all taking Heliocare every morning. For those of you who haven’t heard, Heliocare is a very powerful over-the-counter supplement that is made using a powerful antioxidant technology called Fernblock. The main ingredient is an extract from a fern plant that grows in Central and South America, and it goes through a meticulous extraction process to ensure safety, efficacy and consistency (a rare thing in the supplement world). So what’s all the fuss? Why do I, and why did all the dermatologists at that table that day, bother with taking that tablet every day? I explain the science and studies in this video and, be sure to check out my Dr. Whitney’s Picks Page post all about Heliocare Advanced! I am honored to partner with Heliocare to bring you this information.