As promised in my post on Kybella, here are some other extremely effective options to address the dreaded double chin (or “turkey neck”):

The New CoolSculpting COOLMINITM: I have already blogged about the incredibly cool, groundbreaking and FDA approved technology behind the CoolSculpting procedure.

Here, I want to focus on the new applicator, which is called the COOLMINI. Whereas CoolSculpting is generally used in the thigh, abdomen and flank or “love handles”, this newly shaped and designed applicator is specifically designed to treat smaller pockets of fat, including the chin area.

Your Virtual COOLMINI Appointment:

First, I apply a cool gel to the skin underneath your chin and position the applicator. You will then feel a gentle suction.  You are lying down on your back the whole time – and the procedure is painless – so feel free to bring a sleep mask to cover your eyes if you want to black out any light and take a snooze. Here is a video of the procedure in my office:

The procedure takes about one hour. After the hour is up, I gently massage the skin for 2 minutes and you might feel a slight ache while the nerves in the skin warm up and regain their sensation. Most people say it feels like pins and needles for a few minutes.

After the procedure, your skin may be a little bit pink for an hour or so, but there is NO swelling and NO bruising. You might have a bit of temporary numbness for a few days afterwards in the area we treated.

Patients may see results from a COOLMINI treatment in as early as three weeks, but the most dramatic results are seen 1-3 months following treatment. Like Kybella, this is a PERMANENT SOLUTION.

A key consideration before you have this procedure is that your neck has to fit into the COOLMINI applicator. It is generally the best fit for a wider neck. Therefore, I recommend that you see a doctor who can perform both procedures so that if you don’t fit properly into the COOLMINI applicator, your doctor can offer Kybella as an alternate option.

You typically need 1 to 2 treatments (each for one hour, as I mentioned) which should be spaced approximately 6 weeks apart.

Price Point: Approximately $1000/treatment.

Nectifirm Cream: If you want to treat your turkey neck at home, this cream by Revision Skincare is surprisingly effective! I recommend applying the cream to your neck and chin area consistently at night after cleansing. The skin underneath your chin will become significantly firmer and more lifted, you will notice a reduction in lines and wrinkles, and the skin “creping” will be smoothed. My patients have given very positive reviews of this cream. At a relatively modest price point, this is a promising option, especially given that it includes high quality ingredients including Tripeptide, which I believe is a key factor in driving long term results. Price point: Approximately $50.

SkinCeuticals Skin Firming Cream: Another patient favorite from a brand which is known as a driving force for scientific breakthroughs! This light feeling cream is excellent for smoothing, firming and toning your skin, including the skin underneath your chin. It addresses fine lines and wrinkles and leaves your skin with an overall refreshed appearance and lift. My patients have repeatedly told me that the slightly higher price point is well worth it for the results! Price Point: Approximately $110.

I Love My Turkey Neck [Said No One Ever]!

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, I wanted to dedicate this blog post to the turkey neck (or double chin) and how I can help make it go away forever, as I discussed on Good Morning America.

The turkey neck, or double chin (which is medically referred to as “submental fullness” or “submental fat”) is an equal opportunity issue. It presents in men, women, thin people, and heavier individuals alike and I have yet to meet a patient who would like to keep it. In fact, even apart from the undesirable aesthetic of a turkey neck, many of my male patients have sought out this procedure due to the daily discomfort and feeling of suffocation created by having submental fullness and having to wear a shirt and tie every day for work.

Thankfully, the FDA has approved Kybella (deoxycholic acid) as a permanent treatment for the turkey neck. Deoxycholic acid is naturally produced by our bodies and helps to absorb fats. Kybella is a drug which is identical to this naturally occurring acid. When injected into our “submental fat”, Kybella physically destroys and permanently dissolves the fat cells which create the double chin.


Your Virtual Kybella Appointment:

Before we begin the Kybella injection treatment, I clean and numb the area underneath your chin.

I then apply a treatment “grid”, which is like a temporary tattoo, to act as an injection guide. I inject Kybella next to each “dot” on the grid. You will feel a slight prick and a burning sensation as the medication is melting the fat away.

The entire procedure takes approximately 15 minutes.

The most significant side effect of this procedure is the substantial swelling which occurs afterwards and can last up to two weeks. However, even with this side effect, my Kybella patients all agree that the procedure was well worth it and they would do it again without hesitation. I tell my patients that winter is the perfect time to have Kybella because you can camouflage the swelling by wearing turtlenecks or scarves.

Other common side effects of Kybella include some bruising, redness, and sensitivity or numbness in the treatment area, all of which are temporary.

Typically, to achieve my patients’ desired results, we need 2 to 4 treatments approximately 6 to 8 weeks apart. This aspect of the procedure is customized.

And finally, the result is PERMANENT!! Your turkey neck is gone forever and I promise you won’t miss it!

Stay tuned for cost-saving alternatives to this treatment! New blog post to follow soon!

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