The holiday season is one of the busiest times in my office because of all of the holiday parties and events! My patients ask so many questions about prepping their skin for these special events. So, I wanted to share these pearls with you guys as well. Here’s my countdown to radiant skin right in time for the holidays:

5 Days To Go: This is the perfect time to opt for a superficial chemical peel to really amp up your skin’s healthy glow. Long gone are the days of the Sex and the City/Samantha chemical peel. My patients love in-office chemical peels. For dull, dry skin, I opt for a glycolic acid peel. For oily/acne prone skin, I focus on a salicylic acid peel. Both options will help boost your healthy glow (and if you are planning to wear makeup for an event, your makeup application will be so much more smooth and beautiful). For an at home option, check out this “babyfacial” from Drunk Elephant.

It’s also a great time to start incorporating a reputable collagen powder supplement to your coffee or smoothie on a daily basis. For another option, try bone broth!

3 Days to Go:  You probably already know that I love a cool mist humidifier to add moisture to the air in your bedroom at night.

It’s also a good time to start cutting down on salt and alcohol and load up on water. You want to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate in order to rebalance your salt/water ratio. This will help to avoid puffy eyes and overall puffiness. To find out more about some of my favorite low sugar, hydrating beverages, check out this post.

 Holiday Party Eve: This is definitely not the time to start introducing new products into your skincare routine. You don’t want to have an adverse reaction just in time for your special event. It is, however, the perfect time to start thinking about using a sugar scrub like this one to exfoliate and soften your elbows, knees, legs and feet. You can lock in your skin’s healthy moisture by following the scrub with raw, organic cocoa butter, which you can melt down a bit and then smooth onto your skin for a delicious smelling, intensely hydrating experience!

Enjoy your beautiful, radiant, smooth skin and happy holidays!!


Dr. Whitney