Your skincare routine and product choices all contribute to whether your skin is irritated, inflamed, or prematurely aging on the one hand or glowing, healthy, smooth, and hydrated on the other. At the heart of The Beauty of Dirty Skin is the science that healing and nourishing our skin’s “microbiome” is critical to sustain healthy, glowing skin. There are more than one trillion bacteria in the skin, originating from approximately one thousand different species. Our antiseptic cleansing styles and obsession with antibacterial soaps and cleansers have stripped our skin of its healthy bacteria. If your skin’s healthy microbiome is disrupted by harsh cleansers and other abrasive skincare products, this discontent results in breakouts, rosacea flares, psoriasis, eczema, and even sensitive skin. In sharp contrast, when your good bugs are healthy, your skin is, in turn, healthy and radiant. That’s because these essential bugs fight infections, combat against environmental damage, boost our immune system, and keep our skin hydrated and radiant. Even better, the results are lasting. When your skin flora is restored, its health is sustainable.

Part of my job as a dermatologist and media expert is to know which of the trending products really work and deliver the results they promise. As a research scientist, I look at the science and the studies behind product claims. I want to see proof that the products that I am recommending do what they say they will do for your skin. I want to see proof that the product is safe.

I am asked for my product recommendations all the time and I am very particular about which products I recommend. One product line which I not only recommend to my patients, but use at home, is MetaDerm.

MetaDerm has been studied with the same rigor and thoroughness required of a prescription drug. In clinical testing, it performed better than a commonly used prescription drug to reduce psoriasis signs and symptoms and MetaDerm achieved this level of efficacy without side effects. In extensive mechanism of action studies, MetaDerm’s 25 active botanicals have been shown to inhibit the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, such as IL-17 and TNF, while simultaneously improving the skin’s barrier function. When inflammation is quelled and healing is heightened in this manner, skin balance is reestablished, and the flare cycle can be broken, all without the tradeoffs inherent in pharmaceutical treatments.

This extensive body of evidence was recognized by the National Psoriasis Foundation, which awarded MetaDerm Heal and Prevent Cream its Seal of Recognition. MetaDerm is among one of the first products with active therapeutic botanicals to receive this prestigious seal. Even beyond the science, what stood out to me was how MetaDerm can change lives. It’s working for me and for my patients. It’s easy to incorporate in a daily routine and can be used alone or in conjunction with other psoriasis treatments.

Many psoriasis treatments focus on reacting to flares, rather than preventing them, which can lead to an unhealthy cycle of Ignore-Flare-Treat-Repeat. When providing advice to others, I often recommend taking a holistic approach that includes lifestyle changes and clinically proven natural over the counter (OTC) treatments. This approach can help break the cycle by addressing the underlying causes of flares before they occur. It can also mitigate the need for prescription treatments in some patients.

I highly encourage you to talk with your doctor or medical professional about treatment options. And for more information about the MetaDerm products I use at home, check out Dr. Whitney’s Picks and MetaDerm’s website.

Your skin’s good bugs can prevent infection, control inflammation, aid in wound healing, and keep your skin looking young. This video, all about your skin’s microbiome, will help you to understand these bugs and their role in your skin’s health!

There are more than one trillion bacteria in the skin, originating from roughly one thousand different species. They vary by body part, based on the amount of light in the area, precise pH levels, and other conditions, like climate (moist or dry) and topography (hairy or smooth). When they’re happy and harmonious, your complexion is, too. But when disrupted—by harsh cleansers or dietary missteps—their discontent can surface as breakouts, rosacea flares, psoriasis, eczema, even random bouts of sensitivity.

I can’t wait to share all of this cutting edge information with you guys because this really is the future of skincare and skin health!

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