Beauty from the inside out – it’s a concept I talk about all the time when it comes to skin. As I tell my patients, if you want healthy, radiant skin over the long term, you have to get to the root cause of common skin conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema and even premature aging. If we address the inflammation that starts inside our gut through dietary choices and effective supplements, we can actually start to reverse and HEAL these skin conditions from the inside out. I have researched these theories for over ten years, seen incredible results in my practice, and even authored a best-selling book on the subject – that’s how much I believe in this inside-out approach.

So, when the AQUIS team reached out to tell me about a brand new, breakthrough hair system that would strengthen hair from the inside out – from core to cuticle – by addressing the root cause of hair damage, I was very intrigued! Their philosophy resonated with me and sounded spot on. I have been a fan of the AQUIS hair towels for years and years. This new hair system – one that protects your hair from damage before you even wash it – was innovative and disruptive, so it caught my attention!

Of course, as a scientist, physician, and media expert, I first had to review the science behind the products. Spoiler alert – it was excellent. The concept here is called “water fatigue.” Think about your nails when you emerge from a bath or from a pool – they are soft and weak. The same concept applies to your hair (which is made of keratin, just like your nails). When water is absorbed into your hair, the inside core of your hair strand swells, pushing open the cuticle (protective layer), which leaves your hair susceptible to more damage. This damage results in frizz, tangles, breakage, and dullness. Most of us don’t think of water as an enemy to our hair’s health, but if you look at your water soaked hair under a microscope and test it for breakage and damage as compared to dry hair, you would see things very differently!

Fast forward to my experience as an (honored) early tester of these products before they hit the market. This four piece system begins with the AQUIS Prime Water Defense Prewash (Step 1). Made with coconut oil (which helps to lessen your hair’s water intake by up to 44%), strengthening amino acids like cysteine and keratin, and avocado oil (to hydrate and protect), this prewash is an impressive and effective innovation. You spray it on your hair a few minutes before you get into the bath or shower and you don’t need to wash it out. Think of it as a primer. Now, I know this is a behavioral change because most of us are not accustomed to pre-treating our hair before we take a shower or bath, but it’s well worth the shift in my opinion!  (Quick cautionary note – it can make your floor slippery, so I stand on a towel when I spray.)

Next, you wash your hair using the AQUIS Prime Rebalancing Hair Wash (Step 2). It’s paraben free and sulfate free, so it doesn’t contain the harsh detergents that strip hair of its natural, healthy oils. This product is really gentle on your hair and scalp, helps to maintain the healthy pH of your hair, and it smells amazing.

Of course, you dry using the AQUIS PRIME Rapid Dry Turban (Step 3), which is what I have done for years to protect my hair. My daughter also uses these turbans because they dry your hair so quickly (50% faster – taking my very thick hair from wet to damp incredibly quickly), they protect your wet hair from frizz, breakage and damage, and they are so lightweight and comfortable to wear. I always keep one of these towels or turbans in my gym bag, pack one when I travel, and keep a bunch at our beach house because my whole family uses them (including my sister and her girls).

Finally, you spray on the AQUIS PRIME Restorative Leave-In Conditioner (Step 4). Made with avocado oil, aloe extract, strengthening amino acids and even a UV light absorbing agent to protect your hair from UV damage, this lightweight mist is hydrating and nourishing without any hint of grease. I love that you no longer need traditional conditioners which trap in water and only increase the risk of damage and breakage. You can then style as usual.

You guys ask me ALL THE TIME about my favorite hair products. Well, this hair system blew me away! Not only did my hair look silky, smooth, and full after one use, but I loved the fact that I was protecting my hair from the inside out, the same way I protect my skin from the inside out. The time saving quality as a busy working mom is also a huge bonus! I loved the products so much that I decided to partner with the brand to help spread the love!



It seems so basic — washing our hair.

We follow our standard shampoo-conditioner protocol without giving it a second thought. Then, when we notice issues with the health and appearance of our hair, we search for styling/smoothing products to temporarily “treat” the issue we see (dryness, breakage, dullness).

But, what if the root of the problem was how we were washing our hair in the first place? Intrigued? Keep reading!

Water Fatigue and Hair Damage:

I’ve been reviewing science and studies about a theory called “water fatigue.” The concept is that wet hair is weak hair. This is how it works – when your hair absorbs water, the inside core of the hair strand swells, pushing open the protective hair cuticle. This weakens your hair strands, leaving them vulnerable to breakage (from combing, wet brushing, hair towels, blow drying). The result? You see frizz, damage, tangles and dullness.

So, if wetting our hair in the first place is causing damage, what is the solution?

Innovation in Hair Care: Pre-Treat Your Hair Before it Gets Wet!

When I first heard about a new, disruptive product to pre-treat your hair before you even step foot into the shower, I was really excited to try it. I love the concept of protecting and strengthening your hair from the inside out.

The brand that took the lead on this innovation in hair care is AQUIS, which has long been one of my favorite hair care brands. (I have used their protective hair towels and turbans for years and years. More on that later). They created a pre-wash spray with coconut oil (which helps to lessen your hair’s water intake by up to 44%), strengthening amino acids like cysteine and keratin, and avocado oil (to hydrate and protect). You spray this product on your dry hair before you get into the bath or shower, in order to prime and protect your hair before you wash. To learn more about the AQUIS PRIME Water Defense PreWash and my experience as an early tester of this product, click here.

Why Juicy Bubbles and Lathering Aren’t Helping Your Hair

There’s more to this innovation in hair washing strategy. Now that we have addressed water fatigue, the next issue is our love for lathering. We all love to lather our hair. We feel like when we are really lathering our hair with all those juicy bubbles, we are thoroughly cleansing it. In fact, the more suds and bubbles, the more damage the shampoo is doing to your hair. The detergents that give you those foamy bubbles are the same detergents that are damaging the hair shaft.  Detergent is actually an overachiever when it comes to cleansing your hair, stripping your hair and scalp of the healthy oils and natural protective barrier while irritating your scalp and prompting your skin to produce even more oil to compensate for its loss.

I always explain to my patients that we are obsessed with over-cleansing and over-exfoliating our skin to our detriment. We need gentle products that protect our skin’s natural barrier. The same concept applies when it comes to hair care. We want replace our harsh cleansers with gentle, clean products formulated to cleanse our hair without damaging the fragile cuticle — the outermost layer of the hair. When your hair cuticle is smooth and uniform, your hair looks shiny.  When light reflects off of the smooth surface, your eye registers that reflection as shiny and healthy hair!

One product I’m loving in this space is the AQUIS Prime Rebalancing Hair Wash. This breakthrough four piece system doesn’t have any of those harsh detergents. Instead, it is extremely gentle and helps to balance your hair and scalp’s healthy pH. If that pH is off, you can experience hair breakage and damage. This wash is specifically formulated to help to maintain your hair’s healthy moisture (including natural oils) and to maintain the strength and integrity of your hair’s cuticle. I especially love that the AQUIS Prime hair care system is one of only 10 haircare brands to be certified clean by Sephora.

I also love the AQUIS PRIME Restorative Leave-In Conditioner. Made with avocado oil, aloe extract, strengthening amino acids and even a UV light absorbing agent to protect your hair from UV damage, this lightweight mist is hydrating and nourishing without any hint of grease. It’s especially key to note that you no longer need traditional conditioners which trap in water and only increase the risk of damage and breakage.

I featured this whole line of products on my Dr. Whitney’s Picks page because I love it and I use it myself. Everyone compliments my hair – it’s shiny, healthy, strong – and as a media expert, my hair is styled SO MUCH (think blow dryers, teasing, and curling irons!). I need to use only the best and most effective products to protect my hair’s health.

My Beloved Lightweight Hair Towels:

I am always talking about these AQUIS hair towels. I have used them for years. My daughter uses them – my entire family uses them. I have thick, heavy hair. I have very little personal time in between working as a dermatologist, appearing on national television as a media expert, and snuggling my 7 year old as much as she will let me (in addition to the other things we do as a family!).

From reading this post, you already know wet hair is fragile hair. So, it stands to reason that rubbing/friction with a regular towel frays your hair cuticle, which is already in a vulnerable state due to water fatigue.  When you use a hair towel or turban like the ones by AQUIS, you are using a towel that’s specifically designed to dry your hair quickly and gently. You will see less frizz and damage. These towels use exclusive technology made from a proprietary fabric that wicks away water with zero friction.  You can see the difference in the visual below!

AQUIS towels cut drying time by 50% and quickly bring hair from wet to damp (at the most critical point to protect your hair) so there’s less blow drying and less breakage. This allows you to preserve your heat adding tools just for styling purposes, which also helps to protect the health of your hair.

I know you will want to know more about this whole hair care system, so click right here to read my Dr. Whitney’s Picks page post about it. Your healthy, shiny, strong hair will thank you!


Dr. Whitney


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