CoolSculpting is a very popular procedure in my office! It works by freezing the fat cells beneath your skin while keeping the surrounding skin, muscle, and nerve cells healthy and intact – a process called “selective cryolipolysis.”

This radical (and very cool) concept was initially explored by scientists who observed an interesting phenomenon called “popsicle panniculitis” in kids. Scientists noticed that some children who sucked on lots of ice popsicles actually developed dimpling in their cheeks as a result of permanent death of fat cells exposed to cold temperatures.

Obviously this doesn’t happen in every child who sucks on a popsicle (thank goodness), but there was some perfect combination of just the right temperature, just the right amount of pressure, and just the right duration of time that led to this fat reduction.

This observation led scientists to question whether they could develop a very controlled means of freezing certain unwanted bulges of fat for the purposes to body contouring. Thus was born the technology surrounding CoolSculpting.

It is completely non-invasive, which means no needles, no cutting, no scarring and very little recovery time.

To learn more, check out my video all about CoolSculpting!

Dr. Whitney


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Become a Bowe Glow Insider! Sign up to have exclusive news, VIP product giveaways and events, and early access to glowing skin tips and videos!