In the New Year, I’m so excited to incorporate new things that I love into my routine! One of my favorite hairstyles entering the New Year is this awesome bun by Gianna of @Glambar_NY!

Here’s Gianna’s step by step tutorial so you can try it at home:

  1. First take a diagonal section of hair in the front. The reason I prefer a diagonal rather than a square section is because it makes it easier to hide a harsh part line.
  2.  Braid that section of hair, secure it with an elastic band and save that piece for later :
  3.  Next pull all the rest of the hair into a high pony tail – at this point you can pull some pieces of hair out in the front if you’re going for a more tousled look.  Once you get the desired height of the ponytail, make sure you secure it tightly with a hair tie. Don’t be scared to loosen up the back and sides by lightly pulling on some hair to create some texture.
  4.  Next, take hair and loosely twist once and then turn around the ponytail until the ends can be tucked and hidden in the back. Secure bun with bobby pins around the base with giant bobby pins. You can use the smaller bobby pins to tuck and secure any pieces that are falling out.
  5. Finally, take the braided piece (for more volume you can pull and feather the plaits in the braid) then wrap it around the base of the bun, securing it in the back with a large bobby pin. Finish your style with your favorite medium hold hairspray and viola!

I love to wear this look with a choker and an off the shoulder top, which really accentuate the neckline!

Happy New Year!!


Dr. Whitney