I have been a long time almond milk lover, as I regularly share with you guys.  It’s one of my favorite non-dairy milk alternatives to recommend because of the link between skim milk and acne/inflammation.

But, recent articles suggest that the almond industry is negatively impacting bee health. Specifically, multiple recent news reports are telling us that almond pollination requires bees to wake up one to two months early from their dormancy, thereby depriving them of needed rest and sleep. In this sleep deprived state, which we know can compromise immunity (sleep keeps your immune system healthy), they are kept in very tight quarters, which increases the spread of disease.  Not only are infections rampant among these hard working, immunocompromised bees, but to compound the issue, they are exposed to abnormally high levels of pesticides which are commonly used on the almonds– all resulting in the death of billions of honeybees in a matter of months.

I love to recommend foods that optimize our skin’s health from the inside out.  However, sometimes, the foods that benefit our skin are not benefitting our environment – as seems to be the case here. In view of this information, I am now going to switch over to coconut milk while I research and try other types of non-dairy milk alternatives including oat, pea, rice and hemp milk.

I’m also researching whether there are almond milk brands that are very mindful and responsible in connection with bee populations and resource sustainability.

I promise to update you guys ASAP on what I learn!

Dr. Whitney