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Over the years, I have been so lucky to call Ken and Anika Yael Natori my friends. I find their family to be so inspiring. Whether I’m working on a piece for Anika’s amazing Josie Girl Blog, watching Ken nail an interview at the NYSE, or enjoying their beautiful family adventures on social media, I love having this family in my life!

Natori Robe

I was so honored when they asked me to be a part of Natori’s 40th Anniversary Caftan Day last year. Any time I have the opportunity to wear their luxurious, decadently beautiful robes, I fall in love with this company all over again.

Taking time to relax and restore is so important to your skin’s health and to your overall health. Nurturing yourself can mean a few minutes of quiet meditation, enjoying a cup of green tea, stretching, yoga . . . something that quiets your mind and allows your body to release the tension from our busy days. I discuss this topic so much on my social media channels and here, on my website, because it is scientifically proven that your sleep habits, stress levels, and lifestyle impact your skin’s health much more than most people realize!

One of the things I love most about the Natori Company is that they have such a range of beautiful sleepwear and robes, at a wide range of price points. You can splurge on a truly decadent, stunning robe like their new Isabel wrap, or you can treat yourself or someone you love to a cozy, everyday piece for under $50. Natori pieces always make me feel beautiful and pampered and after a long, hectic day I love to curl up in my robe or pajamas with a book and some tea and dark chocolate and just unwind.

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