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MetaDerm Heal and Prevent Psoriasis Cream

Great for: Psoriasis, Inflamed Skin, Irritated Skin

Psoriasis is the most common autoimmune disease in the country. Seven and a half million Americans have been diagnosed with psoriasis. It speeds up the life cycle of skin cells, causing them to build up at the surface of the skin. This leads to red, itchy, scaly patches – certainly no fun – and these patches can appear anywhere on your body, although they’re most common on the outside of your elbows, knees or scalp.

In addition to the fact that I have found MetaDerm’s Heal and Prevent psoriasis cream to be highly effective for my mild psoriasis (on my elbows) and for my patients with psoriasis ranging from mild to quite severe- one of my favorite things about this cream is that its 25 active therapeutic botanicals have been clinically proven to be safe, to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis and to help prevent future flares. I also like that Metaderm has been tested by independent experts at the National Psoriasis Foundation and has earned their Seal of Recognition.

The fact that MetaDerm really works and has no side effects means that I can use it safely every day. And to me, that makes all the difference for my patients, for my family, and for myself. Psoriasis treatments can have such broad deleterious effects on your overall health and wellness – the fact that there is a natural option available that works as well if not better than prescription treatments without the potentially serious side effects is certainly a huge relief.

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