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Doctor Rogers RESTORE Petroleum Free Ointment

Rosy cheeks, chapped lips, hands which burn from the cold . . . sound familiar? Winter is the time when playing outside often makes our skin honestly hurt and crack from the cold, dry air. This is only compounded by the warm, dry heated air indoors. We take hot showers to warm up and this only further exacerbates all of this dryness!

What should you use to heal and protect your skin’s barrier and what is safe to use on your children that won’t burn when applied? I have been borderline obsessed with Doctor Rogers RESTORE Healing Balm, developed by my friend, Seattle dermatologist Heather Rogers. It is made with 100 percent plant based ingredients and is made without lanolin, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, fragrance and common allergens.

The key ingredients are glycerin, which promotes healing, restores your skin’s healthy barrier function, and reduces irritation, and castor seed oil, which is hydrating and has been proven to reduce skin inflammation.

I have been using the Healing Balm all winter on my cheeks, lips and hands, and also on my daughter’s lips and cheeks, which get very chapped when she is playing outside in the snow or ice skating. My sister and her kids now use it all the time, too, and swear by it. The $30 price tag is completely justified by how well this product works.

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