I get so many questions on social media about my hair and about my hair care. I wanted to start sharing some of my favorite tools and products to keep my long hair healthy and shiny. Of course, my diet plays a key role in the health, strength, and shine of my hair, but I also use key products to help keep my hair in great shape.

AQUIS TowelOne of the products I love is my AQUIS hair towel. These towels are really light weight and comfortable to use and, they don’t cause friction or damage to your wet hair. When hair is wet, it’s especially vulnerable to damage. Harsh rubbing and overheating can break the fragile strands. AQUIS towels are specifically engineered to dry hair quickly and gently, without causing frizz or damage. These towels use a microfiber technology made from ultra-fine fibers that wick away water with zero friction. They cut drying time by 50% so there’s less blow drying and less breakage. The Lisse Luxe Turban is designed for thin and delicate hair whereas the Waffle is designed for thick, coarse and porous hair. I use the Waffle. I really can’t recommend these towels enough. You just have to try them to see what I mean!

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