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Before you hit the pillow, apply an overnight-focused formula as the last step in your p.m. regimen. “Skin cells grow faster when you’re asleep, so a nighttime treatment can add nutrients that help to repair and restore even better, says NYC dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe.

Fade spots and discoloration – the top skin doctors reveal new treatments and at-home remedies that work magic. Melasma: “Visible light is especially harmful, since it creates a deadly tanning effect that even more intense than UVA,” says Dr. Whitney Bowe.

Your skin changes every day, so why shouldn’t your skin care? “I get all of my patients started on a serum if they’re note already on one,” says Dr. Whitney Bowe. “Some people think it sounds complicated, but a serum only takes seconds to use, and it’s the one step I say never to skip, because it makes the most meaningful changes in the skin.

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by Sharon Thiruchelvam
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RT @DrOz: Do you shower like everyone else? Today, @DrWhitneyBowe and @rhenotha are here to break down the nitty gritty on how to clean you…



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