May 13, 2019

Whitney Bowe: Celebrity Dermatologist, mom, and master of balancing a healthy lifestyle

You’re one of the leading dermatologists in the city, you lecture internationally and share your insights regularly on TV and in the press, and your book, The Beauty of Dirty Skin, has just come out in paperback form with the title, Dirty Looks — how do you find time to manage all of these professional roles?

People tell me every day that I have endless energy and motivation. This is likely because I often feel as though I’ve been given a second chance at living a healthy life, as I share in The Beauty of Dirty Skin and now, in Dirty Looks.

My sister lovingly calls me an octopus because I seem to have eight arms doing different things at once both personally and professionally. I love to set goals in motion, plan a path to achieve them, and work towards them with a genuinely passionate and enthusiastic attitude that keeps everything in focus.

This mentality and approach applies not only to my own goals, but to my patients’ goals as well. I am so inspired to share my knowledge and research surrounding healing your skin and body from the inside out and the outside in. I watch the transformation in my patients – and now, I hear about it from my readers- as we heal their skin through diet, lifestyle changes and the most effective products available – healthy radiant skin and a healthy, strong body often pave the way for substantial changes in every aspect of life.


I love exchanging ideas with my brilliant colleague, @SeemalRDesaiMD, during our weekend discussions! #dermatology…



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