September 3, 2019

These women don’t use soap in the shower — and they’re proud of it

The secret to lustrous hair and glowing skin is being filthy rich — in bacteria and natural oils.

Skin experts say that when it comes to cleaning ourselves, less is more. This is despite the huge amount of cash Americans spend on their beauty products — the industry was valued at $532 billion in 2017, according to Orbis Research.

“The No. 1 mistake Americans make is over-washing,” Upper East Side dermatologist Whitney Bowe tells The Post. “We are obsessed with this squeaky-clean feeling, but that sensation is a sign that you’re doing some major damage.”

Over-cleaning, as well as the overuse of synthetic oils and harsh chemicals, are doing more than messing up your hair and complexion — they’re fueling “a dramatic rise in chronic skin conditions today,” including eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and acne, says Bowe, the author of “The Beauty of Dirty Skin.”

Now, a growing chorus of pros and regular folks are advocating for less lather and more muck. Here, no-suds supporters break down the best washing practices for radiant and healthy skin and hair.