August 16, 2019

The 20 Products a Veteran Beauty Writer Uses (Almost Every Day)

I began covering beauty in the 1980s — yes, I could be old enough to be your grandmother — starting out at New York Magazine and the Village Voice; then going on staff at Lear’s; and then contributing to publications including AllureSelfGlamourMonocle, and the New York Times (to name a handful). And as much as I sometimes wish I evolved into a minimalist, the reality is that I’ve become even more of a skin-care and makeup fiend over the years. I try everything that cosmetics companies send me, I can’t help but stop and reconnoiter any Space NK or Sephora I’m passing by, and I’ll even wear lipstick and eyeliner to the gym (though not a lot).

Peter Thomas Roth 3% Glycolic Solutions Cleanser

This is my favorite morning exfoliating face wash. I use it several times a week, letting it sink in for up to two minutes before rinsing it off. That way, it clears away dead skin, tightens the pores, and leaves my complexion with a mild buzz. If you’re new to chemical skin exfoliants/AHAs (which are shorthand for alpha hydroxy acids, such as this formula’s glycolic acid), here is the perfect gateway slougher. New York City–based dermatologist Whitney Bowe agrees, saying this cleanser’s short-contact application makes it a twice-weekly “stepping stone” on your way to more concentrated AHAs.