June 28, 2019

Is Your Daily Face Mist Messing With Your Skin?

It’s the little things: fresh-cut flowers, a Saturday afternoon nap, when the avocado doesn’t cost extra—a midday face mist. Now, especially come summer, there are few rituals I find more refreshing than a face mist: the delightfully cooling sensation, the instant moisture, the airy scent, and the crisp sound of the spray. It’s like an ocean breeze in a bottle.

But, like most skin care items, not all options are created equal.

There’s a chance some of the face mists out there can actually be drying out your skin rather than amping up the hydration levels as so many claim. How does this happen? It has to do with your skin barrier.

“Like attracts like, so water attracts water. When you spray on a water face mist, you have like a five-minute window when you feel great, but after that it’s actually pulling up your own water from the skin to the surface where it can evaporate,” says board-certified dermatologist Whitney Bowe, M.D.