December 17, 2019

How to Keep Your Hair Hydrated this Winter

You don’t need us to tell you that the chilly winter weather tends to wreak havoc on your hair. As the temperatures dip, the majority of hair types battle static, dullness, and an overwhelming feeling of dryness. And once the dehydration descends on your strands, it can seem nearly impossible to replenish that necessary moisture. (Be honest—how many times have you slathered coconut oil on your hair and prayed for it to nix the fuzz?)

Luckily, not all is lost. This winter will be the one when you finally win the battle against brittle hair, we promise. We consulted two professionals about how to keep your hair hydrated this season. All we want for Christmas is silky strands—and it looks like we might just get it.

You know that humidity that makes your curls extra voluminous in the summer? That good stuff plummets come fall and winter. “My patients experience dry hair in the winter as a result of the dry, cold air outside, compounded by the dry heat indoors,” says Dr. Whitney Bowe, a leading NYC-based dermatologist. “The low humidity, combined with extreme temperature changes, can be very drying to the hair shaft.”

Bowe also points to those long, hot showers that we all love to take in the winter as an unsuspecting culprit. “They can be very drying, as well,” she explains. “Prolonged exposure to water, especially hot water, can damage the skin and scalp barrier and even disrupt the balance of bacteria around the hair follicles.” Much like with the naturally occurring bacteria elsewhere in your body, when the bacteria on your scalp are out of balance, it can affect the quality of hair that grows out of the follicles.