September 24, 2019

7 ways to take care of your skin this fall

You change your wardrobe each season — so why not change your skin care routine, as well?

GMA” spoke with skin care experts about how the change from summer to cooler months can affect your skin.

“I often tell my patients that when you begin layering your clothing in fall, it’s also a good time to start layering your skin care,” said Dr. Whitney Bowe, a leading NYC-based board-certified dermatologist and author of “Dirty Looks: The Secret to Beautiful Skin.”

“As we transition from the balmy days of summer into the cooler days of fall, the air becomes more dry,” Dr. Bowe said. “This cooler, dry air steals the moisture out of our skin. Without healthy hydration, skin loses elasticity, ages more quickly, and in general, looks dry, flaky and dull.”