January 9, 2018Skincare

New Feature in 2018: Healthier Skin In Every Decade (Focus on the 40s Crowd)

Studies show that over 1/5 of women in the U.S. use 4+ facial skin-care products per day! That’s a lot of lotions and potions. The abundance of options makes beauty fun, of course—but also, at times, a bit overwhelming. Even when you target a specific category—natural cleansers, for example—the multitude of brands can be downright mind-boggling. So let’s simplify, together.

I’m going to start this new feature with the decade I’m getting closer to: The This is Forty Crowd!


In this phase of life, most women start noticing expression lines deepening, and even some early sagging, especially around the mouth and along the jaw line, where a loss of crispness is most obvious. Concentrate on plumping and thickening skin in every way possible, and don’t slack off on exfoliating—nothing detracts from wrinkles like a healthy glow.

  • Ramp Up Your Retinoid. By now, you should be using your over-the-counter retinol almost every night, or graduating to a prescription-strength formula (talk to your derm). When applying it, don’t neglect your neck, chest, and eye area. If those zones seem too sensitive for your current formula, add a squirt of ceramide-enriched moisturizer before smoothing it on, or pick up a separate retinoid made specifically for the area in question. They typically contain a lower dose of vitamin A, contain zero fragrance, and loads of soothers.
  • Double Down On Sunscreen. Now’s the time to reassess your SPF. You may want to invest in a richer formula with added plumpers, like hyaluronic acid. Or perhaps make a tinted sunscreen with antioxidants your main daytime moisturizer. There are so many great options out there. Take the opportunity to see what truly suits your 40something face and lifestyle. And stay committed to regular reapplications—even if you’re just dashing out for lunch. Sunscreen powders make those midday touch-ups a breeze.
  • Leave No Collagen Grower Unturned. Truly, you want them all: peptides, growth factors, stem cells—and that’s in addition to your retinoid. Look for them as extras in antioxidant serums to save a step. Or apply, say, a peptide night cream over the top of your retinoid to boost collagen while offsetting dryness and irritation.
  • Work in a Weekly Moisture Mask. As you approach 50, you’ll likely notice the first signs of barrier breakdown. Gaps in the skin’s protective top layer can let out precious moisture molecules and allow in pesky irritants. A once-a-week mask—either a humectant-laden sheet or a rich overnight cream mask—can keep skin hydrated and sated, allowing anti-aging actives to perform better.

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