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Trends in Technology

Every week, you will find me testing out a novel laser for skin rejuvenation, a new device claiming to sculpt and contour the body non-surgically, or a new breakthrough in fillers that claims to smooth lines and wrinkles more naturally. The field of Dermatology is one of the most innovative, bursting with growth and technological progress. It is absolutely incredible.

We are also living in an age when in-office procedures are making their way into your homes in the form of at-home devices like LED masks and microneedling devices you can hold in your hand and simply charge overnight. As a physician-scientist (read: proud science nerd) I’ve always been fascinated by physics and exploring how different forms of energy (radiofrequency, ultrasound, infrared light, etc) can transform and heal the body.

The catch is, while some trends have legitimate science behind them and are truly groundbreaking and beneficial, others are more about hype than they are about science or safety. The reality is that some of these hots trends can actually do harm to your skin and health!

So if you’re interested in learning more about nanotechnology, microwaves that stop you from sweating, fat freezing, vampire facials and more, this is your new home for geeked out scientific beauty developments!