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Stress and Your Skin: How Yoga & Meditation Can Help

Dr. Whitney Bowe explains why rest and relaxation can help stressed-out skin (and how yoga and meditation can help!).

Several years ago, I would never have even considered yoga or meditation. I am such an active person, such a productive person, that I joked I could not sit still long enough to tolerate either! If I can be convinced of how critical rest, relaxation, and decompression are for your skin and your overall health – not to mention your productivity – anyone can be! The science in this area is absolutely incredible and I am so excited to share these innovations and studies with you.

How Your Body Reacts Under Stress

Let’s begin with how your body reacts when it perceives stress. Your sympathetic nervous system springs into action like pressing the gas pedal on a car, producing cortisol and adrenaline. Your body is in the fight or flight mode, on high alert. Your brain activity is focused in the stress center of your brain. When you have chronic stress, your body translates psychological worry into physical symptoms which lead to increased blood pressure, increased risk of heart attack and stroke, weight gain, and inflammation which impacts your skin and entire body.

How Meditation Can Help You Destress and Help Your Skin

Meditation, on the other hand, induces a shift in brain activity from your stress center to a calmer portion of your brain. New studies even show that meditation might be able to turn on genes which are anti-inflammatory. As you know from this website, reducing inflammation will clear the way to beautiful, healthy skin and overall wellness.

It doesn’t end there! Studies show that sleep is not the dormant phase many people believe it to be. Rather, it is a very restorative and critical time for our entire bodies, including our skin. In fact, sleep deprivation is associated with a litany of health issues: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, weight gain, cognitive problems, and skin disorders, to name a few. Knowing the best techniques to maximize your sleep and rest is actually incredibility beneficial for your productivity, your health, and, of course, your skin! This is where I come in!

Take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, and learn more about this key area right here with me: