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Exercise and Your Skin: The Benefits of Breaking a Sweat for Your Complexion

“I really regret that workout,” said no one… ever! After you finish a workout, your body feels powerful and strong, your mind is clear, you are ready to face your goals and make things happen! It is no secret that exercise is good for your entire body and your overall health – but you might be surprised to learn how beneficial exercise is for your skin!

How Exercise Benefits Your Skin Health and Complexion

When you exercise, you increase the blood flow to your skin, nourishing your skin with vital nutrients and oxygen.  Not only does exercise improve your skin’s metabolism, but it is also scientifically proven that you can even begin to reverse the signs of visible aging by working out!  Based on recent evidence, not only do people who exercise feel younger, they look younger as well!  Incredibly, this is true even if you don’t start working out until later in life.

Other Health Benefits of Exercise

The benefits of exercise reach way beyond your skin. Studies show that prolonged sitting and our increasingly sedentary lifestyle actually increase the risk of premature death. I just want to point out that I haven’t even mentioned weight loss or weight maintenance yet!  I consider those things icing on the cake, or desirable “side effects” of the plan I design for my patients – and which you are now learning about.

Whether you are seeking motivation to work out in the first place or if you are an avid exerciser who is interested in learning more about how your workouts translate into healthier skin, thicker hair, and other beauty and health benefits, I have eye-opening material just for you!