Dr. Bowe does accept a number of insurance plans, and you can call her office or contact her office through this website to find out which ones she accepts. However, Dr. Bowe is no longer accepting any new medical patients at this time.  If you are an existing medical patient of hers, or if you are a cosmetic patient who needs a medical procedure during your visit, just let her staff know when you call about your next appointment!

Dr. Bowe recommends stopping Aleve, Advil, ibuprofen and fish oil supplements two full weeks prior to your appointment if you plan on having a procedure done that same day.  Tylenol is ok!  This will decrease your risk of bruising and swelling. If you are considering a laser treatment, she has to do a consultation first and usually will not perform the laser on that same day.

Dr. Bowe shares information about her tv appearances and schedule on her social media channels — you can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and her handle is @drwhitneybowe.

Dr. Bowe’s book will be officially published in April 2018 but will be available for pre-order in Fall 2017! We will provide updates on Dr. Bowe’s home page.

You are in luck! Dr. Bowe’s website has so much information about her favorite products! This information can be found on the Press page, on the Trending page, and throughout the Healthy Living, Healthy Skin categories and links. We are also in the process of building a “Dr. Bowe’s Picks” page which will feature specific products and will be live very soon!

Dr. Bowe and her team update her Trending page with lots of information concerning her recent television appearances, including the products she mentions during her appearances! Check the Trending Page and Press Page for this information.

Dr. Bowe cannot give medical advice outside of the Doctor-Patient relationship. In other words, if she doesn’t see you in her office, she can’t give you any personalized medical advice.  Dr. Bowe advises you to seek the advice and support of your medical doctor or dermatologist for your specific health related questions concerning your condition.

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