September 22, 2019Trends in Technology

Fall Refresh: The Fall Skin Treatments You Want to Know About

Summer skin is all about that radiant, golden glow and feeling the warmth on your skin. But, let’s be real, being in the sun all summer long – even if you’ve been wearing your sunscreen and toting your broad rimmed hat to the pool – means that your skin could benefit from a fall refresh!

Here are some details on my favorite in-office treatments for fall:

FRAXEL (Fractional Laser Resurfacing Treatments): I shared videos on Instagram stories about my neck FRAXEL treatment this past summer and you guys asked so many questions about it! I love the results of the FRAXEL laser.

This treatment resurfaces and rejuvenates your skin while actually decreasing your risk of skin cancer, resulting in fresh, glowing, smooth skin. It’s also excellent for brightening those sun spots (aka lentigos) that appear after years of sun exposure.

The biggest question I get is – does it hurt. The answer is, it doesn’t have to because we have different techniques in the office to make it much more comfortable. Not only do we use a powerful numbing cream 30 minutes prior, but we now have a form of nitrous oxide gas that patients can breathe during the treatment.  It’s called Pronox, and it’s been a game changer for my patients.  Although an initial Fraxel series is recommended, most of my patients do a touch up, or maintenance, treatment once a year to sustain their results and freeze themselves in time!  This is a high impact treatment to refresh and renew your skin after summer.

Here’s a link with more info.

MICRONEEDLING: Don’t let the word needle fool you here, this is not a painful procedure. It actually involves tiny needles which create tiny, controlled wounds to the skin. Your body reacts by naturally healing your skin and, in the process, building new collagen and elastin in the dermis. More collagen = younger, firmer skin. It’s ideal for smoothing the surface of the skin, minimizing acne scars and pores, photo-aging, crepey texture, dull skin, poor texture, stretch marks and body scars. In fact, I’ve been getting lots of requests to microneedle knee scars lately! It can help with fine lines and wrinkles and helps your serums, topical gels and creams to penetrate your skin more effectively.

Hot tip for Melasma patients: Microneedling also does not involve heat, so there is a much lower likelihood of post inflammation pigmentation, which can result from certain laser treatments.

Here’s a link with more info.

My next post will focus on some of my favorite products that you can use at home to start healing and refreshing your skin for fall!

Dr. Whitney