Can Lasers and Light Treatments Actually Be Making My Melasma Worse?

I use many of the best cutting edge lasers and light devices in my office every day. However, I am the first person to talk my melasma patients out of using these devices, and opting for less expensive options instead. This blog focuses on why!  If you have melasma, when you first get a laser or light based treatment, you might see the...

November 18, 2020

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QWO: The First FDA Approved Injectable for Cellulite

Cellulite is one of those topics that dermatologists find frustrating.  We are very solution driven, and up until now, there haven’t been many effective long term solutions for cellulite.  All the creams and gadgets out there claiming to help with cellulite are more hype than reality, and the in-office procedures that actually work have...

July 16, 2020

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Clean Beauty Ingredients: Focus on Phthalates

I am loving how interested and invested you guys are in clean beauty and in what you are putting on your skin. We’ve talked parabens. We’ve talked sulfates. Now, it’s time to focus on phthalates. What are Phthalates? Phthalates are a group of chemicals used in plastics and cosmetics.  They’re used to keep things pliable,...

October 22, 2019

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