Dr. Whitney Bowe Not Ready to Get shady

Your Guide to Skincare Rehab Options that Heal Your Sun Damaged Skin

It’s mid-August – right about the time when my patients (and my family) start to realize that their skin has gotten more sun exposure than might have been ideal. This is the perfect time to start healing your skin – getting a little more shady -- and taking steps to reverse that fun in the sun damage you won’t want to bring with you...

August 16, 2018

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Vogue Dr. Whitney Bowe

If You Hate Applying Sunscreen—And Getting Burned Anyway—Read This

A new crop of tasteful—and even chic—UPF options, coupled with some very real concerns about a new constellation of freckles, have made me rethink my position on covering up in protective clothing. “You need to tap into the vanity of it,” Whitney Bowe, M.D., says of a more general uptick in the popularity of UPF clothing that she’s...

July 27, 2018

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Dr. Whitney Bowe Faux-Glow

Getting the Faux Glow I love All Summer Long

Growing up, I always wished that my skin would tan so that I could rock a golden, beachy glow. Reality check: I’m so pale. I was the kid covered in zinc, t-shirts, hats, speckled in freckles with a mild pink burn – you get the idea. If you’ve checked in on my website or social media, you know that when I set a goal, I chase that goal...

July 18, 2018

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