Dr. Whitney Bowe

My Interview With Dr. Whitney Bowe – by Nicki Zevola Benvenuti

Today I’m proud to present my interview with one of the most in-demand dermatologists in the country, Dr. Whitney Bowe, M.D. As a top dermatologist, Dr. Bowe specializes in skin rejuvenation, laser dermatology, and the link between nutrition and skincare. Her work has earned the attention of top media outlets, netting her invitations to lend...

April 9, 2018

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People’s makeup apparently froze on their faces at the Olympics

...This year’s Winter Olympics has been one of the coldest in recent memory. One surprising effect of the frigid conditions? Makeup has literally been freezing on people’s faces. “Cosmetics are usually comprised of a blend of different ingredients, including water, oils and waxes,” Dr. Whitney Bowe said. “These ingredients all freeze...

February 16, 2018

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Exercising Your Way to Healthy, Younger Skin

Surprising new research shows that exercise not only keeps your skin healthier, it can actually reverse aging in people who begin an exercise regimen even later in life! How much exercise? Check out my video for all the details!

January 3, 2018

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