The Beauty of Dirty Skin

The Surprising Science of Looking and Feeling Radiant from the Inside Out

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The Beauty of Dirty Skin | Dr. Whitney Bowe

Your Skin’s Health is More than Skin Deep

Your skin’s appearance reflects your overall health. How healthy do you look?

Every year, nearly 80 million Americans will consult their doctors about their skin. In fact, skin disorders beat out anxiety, depression, back pain, and diabetes as the number one reason Americans see their doctors. Unfortunately, however, the vast majority will receive only a surface-level treatment, leaving the underlying conditions at the root of their skin issues unresolved. Skin doesn’t lie; it reflects overall health in unimaginable ways.

In The Beauty of Dirty Skin, internationally renowned dermatologist and scientist Dr. Whitney Bowe shows readers that skin health is much more than skin deep. As a pioneering researcher on the cutting edge of the gut-brain-skin-axis, she explains how the spectrum of skin disorders — from stubborn acne and rosacea to psoriasis, eczema, and premature wrinkling — are manifestations of irregularities rooted in the gut. Lasers, scalpels, creams, and prescription pads alone will not guarantee the consistently healthy, glowing skin we all seek. Instead, Dr. Bowe focuses on the microbiome — where trillions of microbes “speak” to your skin via the brain — and highlights the connection between sleep, stress, diet, gastrointestinal health, and the health of your skin.

Your Skin’s Ecosystem and Its Impact on Your Overall Health

We are a culture obsessed with over-cleansing and achieving a squeaky clean feeling from head to toe. But, did you know that all of this scrubbing disrupts and destroys the health of your skin barrier and the balance of healthy microorganisms that inhabit your body inside and out, which share a powerful, mutually beneficial relationship with your body to support your overall health?

When your body’s microbiome is out of balance, this imbalance impacts your skin’s health and opens the door to inflammatory skin disorders including psoriasis, eczema, and acne. It also impacts your metabolism, your risk for diabetes, and your likelihood for depression, autoimmune disorders and dementia.

You might already know about the gut-brain axis. But, there is a last, indelible mile you may not know about between your brain and your skin. We now know that the gut-brain-skin alliance is the soul of your radiant skin.

Explore this profound relationship for the first time in The Beauty of Dirty Skin. With simple explanations of the science, do-it-yourself practical skincare strategies, and a life-changing 3-Week program, The Beauty of Dirty Skin is your roadmap to great skin from the inside out and the outside in.

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