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March 22, 2019Diet and Your Skin

Artificial Sweeteners Part 2: Which Sweeteners to Avoid and Which to Use

In my last video on Artificial Sweeteners (Part 1), we talked about my former obsession with artificial sweeteners, why I ended my love affair with them cold turkey, and what they actually do to your skin and your body. And this is some very alarming stuff – so if you haven’t checked out my first video on this subject matter, don’t miss it.

In this video, which is Part 2, I’m going to help you translate that science into practical tips you can begin using right away to start detoxing your body from these unhealthy chemicals. At the end of this video, I’ll direct you to a document on my VIP Page, which you can print and take with you the next time you go food shopping which makes this very easy and organized for you.

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