Nowhere is the saying ‘perception is reality’ truer than when looking at your own image. Two and a half years ago, my perceived reality was a nightmare. My cheeks had sunk into jowls, my nose and mouth were being embraced by deep creases in the shape of parentheses, and the overall impression was that of an angry old woman. What to do? Fortunately, I learned about Dr. Whitney Bowe. Patiently, she educated me as to my various options and explained the costs involved in each. She suggested Sculptra Aesthetic. I sincerely doubt that she ever had a more openly skeptical, nervous or impatient client than myself, but today, I doubt that she has a more grateful or happy one.

Roberta L. – Scarsdale, NY

I had been contemplating surgery for my upper lids/brow for some time. Dr. Bowe suggested I try Ultherapy instead. The entire experience from start to finish was a pleasure – you are in good hands with Dr. Bowe…and the results are terrific. Immediately I experienced some tightening around the eyes and a couple of months later, I no longer have that hooded look. I am so happy!

LB -Chappaqua, NY

I have always wanted a full, beautiful upper lip (mine is very thin), but I was afraid to have filler because I didn’t want to look artificial or like I had “work” done. The experience was painless, relaxing, and fun and the result is incredible! I have never felt more beautiful and my face looks younger and completely natural. I am absolutely thrilled! I could not have asked for a better experience! I can’t wait to go back! Dr. Bowe listened very carefully to my goals and took her time with the juvederm injections, which she explained would look very soft and natural. I am so glad I found Dr. Bowe!

Rachel O. – Ossining, NY

I had an appointment with Dr. Bowe and look 10 years younger! I was recommended by a friend who had cosmetic work done by Dr. Bowe. In my case, Dr. Bowe injected a combination of Botox, Restylane, and Juviderm. She was kind, meticulous and very supportive during my entire procedure which proved to be considerably painless. I look great and feel wonderful thanks to this physician’s expert skill and technique… no one will ever touch my face again except for the talented Dr. Bowe!!!

Chloe – Long Island, NY

I recently saw Dr. Bowe for Botox and a Juvederm lip injection to enhance my lips. I am THRILLED with the results! She was so careful and took her time to make the whole experience perfect. She made me look natural and young – I am 35 and now look better than I did in my 20s! My friends are so jealous!! I would definitely recommend Dr. Bowe.

Jessica – PA

I was recently looking for a new job and wanted to look my best for interviews. I had heard Dr. Bowe was an expert with botox and lasers, so I went to her to help me look refreshed, but still natural. She gave me a natural botox treatment and then did a laser treatment called Fraxel. I keep getting compliments that I look refreshed/like I’ve been on vacation! But nobody suspects I had work done… Perfect! Definitely would trust Dr. Bowe for ANYTHING cosmetic!

jenniferschwartz1966 on Realself.com

I am so happy with the results from my Ultherapy session. My eyes look much more refreshed. My jaw line is tighter and i have more confidence in my overall appearance. I would, and have, recommended Dr. Bowe to anyone looking to freshen up their appearance.

Jeanine F. – DocScores

Dr. Bowe is a five star physician. Not only does she accomplish an outstanding cosmetic outcome for me, a patient, but she administers emotional support and sensitivity to any discomfort i might encounter.

Bree R. – DocScores

Dr. Bowe and her friendly staff always take time to be thourough, careful, and patient. Cosmetically, Dr. Bowe leans to the conservative side and builds on whatever the patient wants so you always leave feeling better than when you came in and not overdone -ever! With regrads to the dermalogical side, again very thorough, found a basal not recognized by a competing dermatologist. And I thank her for that!!!!

Debbie D. – DocScores

My experience with Dr. Bowe has been nothing but outstanding!!! Her professionalism and knowledge has guided me beyond my expectations. I would never have imagined how much Sculptra, Botox, Juviderm and Fraxel could change how I look; I am 35 and I look as young and vibrant as ever!!! Without Dr. Bowe I would not have known to try such amazing products, and she has always made the process easy and painless.

M.K. – Scarsdale, NY

I have been seeing Dr.Bowe for two years and I couldn’t be happier with the results! I travel over two hours to have Dr. Bowe inject my face because I haven’t had great experiences with dermatologists close to my home. By talking with Dr. Bowe she knows exactly what I want and how I want to look. I find when I’m in a social setting people comment on how well rested I look and I couldn’t feel better about how my face looks!

S – Albany, NY

I travel from New Jersey to see Dr. Bowe because I didn’t trust anyone in my area to do sculptra. I’ve heard sculptra is very technique/doctor-dependent, so I wanted to go to the best. Wise decision! I ended up coming back a total of 3 times to her office. She injected 2 vials the first time, 2 vials the second time (a month later) and then a 5th vial the last time (about a month after that). I’m in my 50’s, so I’m sure the # of vials has to do with your age, weight, etc. It was pricey, but worth every penny because I look absolutely incredible. Everyone compliments me, but it’s not obvious to anyone that I’ve ‘had work done.’ The hollows under my eyes and in my cheeks are gone, and my skin is radiant. Dr. Bowe was meticulous with her injections, and she had such a soft touch that I barely felt any discomfort and hardly had any bruising or swelling. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result!

T.A. – NJ

I had horrific acne scarring since my teenage years. Dr. Bowe used a combination of fraxel treatments and filler to alleviate this condition. Although I was intially sceptical of the procedure, the outcome was amazing! Very satisfied with entire process. Recommended by a friend and patient of the doctor. Dr. Bowe was a caring and exceptionally talented dermatologist. My face looks great!

Excaliber – Realself.com

My experience with Dr. Bowe couldn’t have been better! I made an appointment with Dr. Whitney Bowe because my friend’s mom goes to her for a filler called Restylane and looks 10 years younger than she did before meeting Dr. Bowe.

Dr. Bowe introduced herself and asked some important questions. I didn’t feel rushed at all, and she put me at ease from the moment we started talking. She listened closely and addressed every point I brought up in a kind, empathetic, and very knowledgeable way. Most importantly, she asked what kind of look I wanted to achieve, and gave me realistic expectations about how I would respond to the treatment. I wanted to have zero lines left between my eyebrows but some movement/more of a natural look on my forehead.

About 3 days later I noticed my lines gradually start to disappear. A week later, I had achieved exactly what I had asked for. No bruises, no swelling, no pain. I’m so lucky I found Dr. Bowe. I’ll never go anywhere else!”

Jennifer – New York, NY

To say I love dr. Bowe is an understatement. She is beautiful, personable, professional, detail oriented, effective, intelligent, and trust worthy. I would never let anyone else touch my face as I respect her advice and knowledge on skin care. Ten out of ten. Hands down the best dermatologist in the new york area.

A N. – DocScores

Dr. Bowe is amazing! I have been to several dermotologist for numerous issues with my 3 sons. We have found them insensitive and uneffective. Dr. Bowe, who we see for acne, has taken the time to work with my sons skin in order to clear it and teach him how he needs to maintain his clear complexion. She gives us the time, knowledge and consideration that we need. Hard to come by in a dermotologist. We would highly recommend Dr. Bowe to anyone in need of a good and caring dermotologist!

Shelley A. – DocScores

Dr. Bowe is fabulous! I’m so glad to discover her. I think that beyond the application of the available procedures, it is something of an art form to visualize the possibilities inherent in each person. I’ve never worked with anyone who is so willing to answer questions and explore my feelings, wishes and concerns.

Alice G. – DocScores

Dr. Bowe made me look 10 years younger!!! I had sculptra and juvederm. Dr.Bowe is an amazing doctor.I would never go any other doctor. The office manager was great working with my schedule. The office staff was also very helpful and knowledgeable!!!!

Mary J. – DocScores