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Health Magazine

7 Super-Moisturizing Honey Beauty Products for Your Skin and Hair

by Kristin Canning view feature on Health.com These sweet honey products are packed with enzymes that help keep pores clean of dirt and oil. The sweet stuff has been used in beauty routines since ancient times, and for good reason. “Anyone will benefit from implementing honey into their routine because of its antibacterial and moisturizing […]

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Better Homes and Gardens

Skin Care Tips for Cold Weather

by Ayren Jackson-Cannady view feature on BHG.com There’s more to protecting your skin in cold weather than wrapping it in layers of wool and knits. Here’s how to have smooth, soft skin no matter how many blizzard warnings you get. Cold to the bone, eh? Imagine what those icy outdoor temps can do to your […]

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Consumer Reports

How to Prevent Dry Skin This Winter

by Catherine Roberts view feature on ConsumerReports.org Strategies for keeping your skin soft and supple, plus what to look for in a moisturizer. Yes, it’s cold outside. But freezing temperatures aren’t the only cause for the itchy, flaky dry skin you’re experiencing underneath all those layers of clothes. Also responsible is the heated—and dry—air in our […]

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Health January 2017 cover

Gorgeous Skin All Winter

by Ellen Seidman download feature as PDF view feature on Health.com Don’t let the cold, dry temps take a toll on your face and body. From gentle cleansers to the richest moisturizers, here’s what really works. How to get rid of dry winter skin Dry winter skin, be gone! Below-zero temps outside and dry indoor […]

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Battling Winter Redness Just Got Way Easier

by Victoria Moorhouse view feature on InStyle.com So you don’t have to worry about your makeup melting off anymore, but thanks to an evil, ruthless force of nature called wind chill, winter presents a whole new ballgame of skin-care probs we have to deal with, and they’re not so cute. While we can celebrate rosy […]

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