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Health January 2017 cover

Gorgeous Skin All Winter

by Ellen Seidman download feature as PDF view feature on Health.com Don’t let the cold, dry temps take a toll on your face and body. From gentle cleansers to the richest moisturizers, here’s what really works. How to get rid of dry winter skin Dry winter skin, be gone! Below-zero temps outside and dry indoor […]

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Battling Winter Redness Just Got Way Easier

by Victoria Moorhouse view feature on InStyle.com So you don’t have to worry about your makeup melting off anymore, but thanks to an evil, ruthless force of nature called wind chill, winter presents a whole new ballgame of skin-care probs we have to deal with, and they’re not so cute. While we can celebrate rosy […]

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10 Ways to Finally Be a Morning Person

by Jolene Edgar view feature on Cosmopolitan.com From invigorating your skin to powering through your workday, these pro tips will help you look and feel your best even on the worst mornings. No matter how many alarms you set on your phone, you never seem to get out of bed on time or in the […]

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The Best Skin-Care Routine for Your 40s

by Jolene Edgar view feature on Allure.com Forty is the new 30? Absolutely—especially if you’ve been following our advice for the last two decades. But as much as we all strive to look younger, 40—in its truest form—can actually bring its own beauty blessings. Acne subsides for most, as do the hormone-propelled pigment issues from […]

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Refinery 29

How To Get Your Glowiest Skin Ever — No Makeup Required

by Rachel Adler view feature on Refinery29.com Waking up (makeup-free — because we know you always wash your face before bed, right?) with utterly perfect, lit-from-within skin is on our list of #beautygoals — right up there with making our manicure last more than two days without a chip. Does it seem trivial in the […]

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8 Rumors You’ve Heard About Lip Injections That Aren’t True

by Brooke Shunatona view feature on Cosmopolitan.com When people hear the words “lip injections,” they immediately think duck lips. All it takes is seeing one bad over-the-top lip job (OK, a lot of bad ones) on reality TV for people to swear off injectables all together. The stigma surrounding cosmetic procedures, even non-invasive ones like […]

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Town & Country

These Anti-Aging Extras Will Take Your Skincare to the Next Level

by Jolene Edgar view feature on TownandCountryMag.com We asked dermatologists about the products and ingredients that get you next-level results. If you’re serious about anti-aging—like, syringe-between-the-eyes serious—then your product regimen is likely no joke: your acid-imbued peel pads are of derm-devised potency, your retinoid game couldn’t be more on point, and sunscreen is, naturally, your […]

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The Right Way to Use a Skin-Resurfacing Peel in the Summer

by Jenna Rennert view feature on VOGUE.com Peels sometimes get a bad rap. While they’ve been proven to reduce serious signs of aging—spots, red marks, uneven texture—and hailed as the miracle product by dermatologists across the globe, a handful of cautionary tales (and at least one infamous Sex and the City episode) linger in the […]

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5 Ways to Get Rid of Your Under-Eye Bags For Good

by Katie Dickens view feature on Elle.com Despite what you might think, it’s easy to get rid of unwanted baggage—at least the kind that resides beneath your lower lids. Lots of us are familiar with these under eye bags, caused by everything from late nights to genetics. “The skin around your eyes is the most […]

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Prevention Magazine

14 Ways To Fight Wrinkles On Any Budget

by Aviva Patz view article on Prevention.com When it comes to products that smooth and plump, high prices don’t always mean better results. “Higher-end products may have purer, more concentrated ingredients and use more advanced delivery systems than drugstore equivalents,” explains Melissa Knudson, RN, a skin care specialist at Rowe Plastic Surgery in Manhattan. “But […]

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