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8 Rumors You’ve Heard About Lip Injections That Aren’t True

by Brooke Shunatona view feature on Cosmopolitan.com When people hear the words “lip injections,” they immediately think duck lips. All it takes is seeing one bad over-the-top lip job (OK, a lot of bad ones) on reality TV for people to swear off injectables all together. The stigma surrounding cosmetic procedures, even non-invasive ones like […]

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Refinery 29

The Crazy Thing That Happened The First Time I Got Fillers

by Alix Tunellview feature on Refinery29.com I don’t think anyone, save for a woman in labor, has ever sweat so hard while sitting perfectly still in an air-conditioned room. The crunchy paper on the exam chair had turned to mush and was disintegrating under my legs, my black (thank god) dress was damp with sweat, […]

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New Beauty Magazine

The Best Butt-Sculpting Procedures You Should Know

by Elise Minton view feature on NewBeauty.com Whether your backside is too big, too small, too flat or too wide, there are a couple of different ways to go about getting the butt of your dreams. And, it doesn’t always require going under the knife. According to New York dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD, the area […]

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