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The Rachael Ray Show

3 New At-Home Beauty Gadgets for Spring 2017

Dr. Whitney joins Rachael Ray to demonstrate 3 of the hottest at home beauty devices for your most beautiful skin in 2017 AND shares her daily meals which are healthy for your body and your healthy, glowing skin! Click her to view appearance on Rachael Ray Show.com view more of Dr. Bowe’s appearances on the […]

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Are Magnetic Face Masks Instagram Bait or Actual Skincare?

by Sara Spruch-Feiner view feature on OBSERVER.com If Madonna is into them, you should be, too. The skincare industry, perhaps even more than any other sector of the beauty world, is known for its claims. You know the ones: “99 percent saw reduced wrinkles, 99.9 percent noticed their skin looked smoother.” And so on. Oftentimes, […]

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7 Ways to Wake Up Like a Boss

by Maureen Choi view feature on Seventeen.com When you stay up too late and feel like a zombie the whole next day, the struggle is beyond real. But from a basic ballet move to a quick and energizing skincare routine, these seven tips will help you wake up and feel fab all day. 1. Get […]

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Town & Country

These Anti-Aging Extras Will Take Your Skincare to the Next Level

by Jolene Edgar view feature on TownandCountryMag.com We asked dermatologists about the products and ingredients that get you next-level results. If you’re serious about anti-aging—like, syringe-between-the-eyes serious—then your product regimen is likely no joke: your acid-imbued peel pads are of derm-devised potency, your retinoid game couldn’t be more on point, and sunscreen is, naturally, your […]

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Reader's Digest

8 Home Remedies for Blackheads to Make Them Vanish

by Elizabeth Xu view feature on RD.com Use these natural treatments and home remedies to fight blackheads and clear up your complexion on your nose and your entire face. What’s the deal with blackheads? Blackheads are tricky. No matter how well you take care of your skin, they just show up sometimes, usually at the […]

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Daily Mail

Are MAGNETS the real key to perfect skin?

by Lindsey Unterberger view feature on DailyMail.com.uk As magnetic face masks hit the beauty aisles, FEMAIL finds out if the pricey products are worth the money Magnets have been used throughout history to promote healing Skincare companies like Lancer and Dr. Brandt are now launching their own versions of face masks that can only be […]

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New York Magazine The Cut

Get Ready to Lay Magnets on Your Face for Better Skin

by Ashely Weatherford view feature on NYMag.com The legend of Cleopatra’s beauty routine is as complex as any Hellenistic epic, but I’m sorry to say that many of the wisdoms born from it are useless drivel (though a milk-and-honey bath sounds very relaxing). One of the lesser-known myths from her routine, however, might bear some […]

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Refinery 29

This Magnetic Face Mask Is The Coolest Thing You’ll See Today

by Mi-Anne Chan view feature on Refinery29.com In the ever-evolving world of beauty, the face mask category has quickly become the most innovative. There was once a time when we were satisfied with a minty dollop of Queen Helene. Now, bubble masks, metallic masks, and even animal-print sheets have taken over our bathroom shelves. Just […]

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WAG Magazine

Spring Cleaning Your Skin With Dr. Whitney Bowe

by Dr. Whitney Bowe view article on WAG.com As the weather gets warmer, you’ll want to switch up your skincare products, trading richer moisturizers for lighter, more breathable formulas. But if you’d like to surpass good to get great skin, it’s smart to go the extra mile — and what better time than spring to […]

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Refinery 29

You May Have Been Using Your Face Mask Wrong All Along

by Jolene Edgar view article on Refinery29.com Watch The Clock This dictum applies to all but non-setting moisturizing cream masks, which, for the most part, “can be left on for hours, even overnight, for heightened benefits,” says Jeannette Graf, MD, a dermatologist in Great Neck, NY. Exceeding the directed two-to-five-minute face time on most clay […]

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Health Magazine

7 Foolproof Ways to Get Rid of Blackheads

by Lisa DeSantis view article on Health.com If you’ve never had to deal with annoying little black dots on your nose, then you’re truly #blessed. The rest of us have spent our lives resisting the urge to pick or pop our blackheads, which appear when oils and skin cells clog our hair follicles. Though banishing blackheads […]

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