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Good Morning America ABC

How to treat melasma, aka the “pregnancy mask”

Dr. Whitney Bowe on Good Morning America! sharing tips on how best to treat melasma, AKA the “pregnancy mask,” a skin ailment characterized by brownish patches on the face that is especially common for women during and after pregnancy. For more tips and treatments, check out today’s #Glow Diaries post, and check out ABC News chief meteorologist Ginger Zee’s […]

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Town & Country

These Anti-Aging Extras Will Take Your Skincare to the Next Level

by Jolene Edgar view feature on TownandCountryMag.com We asked dermatologists about the products and ingredients that get you next-level results. If you’re serious about anti-aging—like, syringe-between-the-eyes serious—then your product regimen is likely no joke: your acid-imbued peel pads are of derm-devised potency, your retinoid game couldn’t be more on point, and sunscreen is, naturally, your […]

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Health Magazine

7 Healthy Diet Changes for Better Skin

by Jolene Edgar view feature on Health.com Truly radiant skin starts from within. Clear skin diet Emerging research is underscoring a shift in the way we think about beauty—now, it’s less about superficial fixes and more about understanding the key components of good health. In other words, beauty literally does start from within. Here, seven […]

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The Right Way to Use a Skin-Resurfacing Peel in the Summer

by Jenna Rennert view feature on VOGUE.com Peels sometimes get a bad rap. While they’ve been proven to reduce serious signs of aging—spots, red marks, uneven texture—and hailed as the miracle product by dermatologists across the globe, a handful of cautionary tales (and at least one infamous Sex and the City episode) linger in the […]

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Your Bridal Beauty Countdown

by Alyssa Hertzig view feature on Allure.com You’ve got the fiancé, the venue, and the dress covered. Now, don’t forget to build your beauty routine into the timeline, too. Here’s what to do—and when to do it—to ensure glowing skin, gorgeous hair, and killer makeup on the big day. SIX TO 12 MONTHS OUT Research […]

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The Wall Street Journal

The Problem With Adult Acne – As Antibiotics Become Less Effective, Doctors Try a Range of New Treatments

by Dana Wechsler Linden click to view article online Three months after Danielle Schwarz began taking antibiotics for a severe case of acne, her doctor began to notice a disturbing pattern among her patients—this mainstay treatment for the skin condition increasingly wasn’t working. “I was canceling plans, didn’t want anyone to see me,” says Ms. […]

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