Part 3: Eliminate Sweating and Underarm Hair | Can 3 High-Tech Beauty Treatments Improve Your Problem Areas – Forever?

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We all have that one area of our bodies that we wish we could improve, but what if you could change it permanently? Dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe visits Rachael Ray to reveal three cutting-edge beauty procedures that can help you get rid of your double chin, saggy knees and sweaty armpits – possibly forever!

Problem 3: Eliminate Sweating and Underarm Hair

Does never having to wear deodorant or shave your armpits again sound like a fantasy? It’s now a reality, according to Dr. Bowe, with a device called miraSmooth. Bowe claims, “This is the only FDA-approved procedure that can permanently reduce sweat and reduce hair.”

Unlike laser hair removal, this product can be effective after only one use and better yet – it’s colorblind. Dr. Bowe explains, “In the past, when you talked about laser hair removal, the laser targets the pigment, so it only works if you have dark brown or black hair. This technology, the microwave, it’s colorblind. It doesn’t care what color your hair is, it doesn’t care what color your skin is, so it’s an equal opportunity type of device.”

The bottom line, according to Dr. Bowe: “Here you’re getting a 70 percent permanent reduction in hair growth, no matter what color your hair is, after one treatment. And you don’t need to use deodorant or antiperspirant ever again.”

Cost: $2,000

*Patients can go back to normal activities the next day but should avoid anything strenuous for a couple of days, according to Dr. Bowe.

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