Part 1: Ditch Your Double Chin | Can 3 High-Tech Beauty Treatments Improve Your Problem Areas – Forever?

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We all have that one area of our bodies that we wish we could improve, but what if you could change it permanently? Dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe visits Rachael Ray to reveal three cutting-edge beauty procedures that can help you get rid of your double chin, saggy knees and sweaty armpits – possibly forever!

Problem 1: Ditch Your Double Chin

Can you get rid of a droopy chin without going under the knife? Dr. Bowe says you can with an injection medication called Kybella.

Dr. Bowe explains, “It’s made of a substance called deoxycholic acid, which is a natural substance we normally have in our bodies that actually helps us to break down and digest the fat that we eat. So if you inject it underneath the chin, it dissolves the fat. In only two to four 10-minute treatments, your chin fat can be gone forever!”

But does it hurt? Our audience member Carla, who was numbed a little before receiving her second dose of Kybella on-stage, says, “It doesn’t. It feels like a little pinch but nothing serious.”

Cost: $1,200-$1,600 per treatment. Each person will need a different number of treatments, but typically it’s between 2-4.

*According to Dr. Bowe, swelling occurs after the procedure and can happen for a couple of days. Dr. Bowe says it’s the worst the first time and gets better each subsequent treatment.

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