The Rachael Ray Show

A Dermatologist’s Solution for Cellulite

view article on “Bikini season is just daunting for everybody,” says Dr. Whitney Bowe. “There’s like three models in the world that don’t have cellulite. The rest of us all have cellulite, it’s just a fact!” Watch the video above from the Rachael Ray Show to see how she recommends her patients get rid […]

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5 Sunscreen Mistakes to Avoid

by Nicole Romeo view article on Mistake #1: You Think Makeup with SPF Provides Adequate Protection You may think your foundation or BB cream with SPF provides sufficient sun protection. But, you shouldn’t count on your makeup to deliver full sun protection. Most women do not wear enough makeup on a daily basis for […]

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This Simple Trick Predicts How Your Face Will Age

by Amanda Montell view article on I have, as many people tell me, a “baby face.” You know, like Ellen Page or Selena Gomez. My whole life, people have always thought I was at least three to five years younger than I am. I don’t know exactly what gives me my baby face: My […]

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Refinery 29

This Is The Beauty Secret You Forgot About

by Jolene Edgar view article on Sure, people are still obsessing over getting fuller lips and contoured cheeks, but lately there’s been quite a buzz surrounding a less in-your-face body part. We’re talking about your neck. Despite the fact that the neck shows evidence of sun damage much faster than the face, this sensitive […]

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Good Morning America ABC

The End of Wrinkles? No Facelift, No Surgery.

Dr. Whitney Bowe on Good Morning America talks about a new product that could be the end of wrinkles. It is still very early in its testing and is not yet available to purchase, but this product has been described as an invisible second skin that may eliminate wrinkles without surgery or injections.

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Good Housekeeping

12 Sneaky Things That Can Trigger Rosacea

by Sam Escobar view article on For an estimated 16 million Americans, rosacea is a reality of everyday life. This persistent redness is more than mere blushing — it can be frustrating and, at times, embarrassing for folks who cope with it. But what exactly is rosacea? “Rosacea is a type of chronic inflammation that […]

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You Should Probably Start Using Skin-Care Products With Probiotics in Them

by Ramona Emerson view article on It was only a matter of time before creepy-crawlies (to be fair, really, really small ones) wiggled their way into face creams. Recently, Clinique, Burt’s Bees, Chantecaille, Aurelia, and Éminence have all created skin-care products with probiotics. And the rationale behind this phenomenon is actually pretty fascinating. While […]

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WAG Magazine

Spring Cleaning Your Skin With Dr. Whitney Bowe

by Dr. Whitney Bowe view article on As the weather gets warmer, you’ll want to switch up your skincare products, trading richer moisturizers for lighter, more breathable formulas. But if you’d like to surpass good to get great skin, it’s smart to go the extra mile — and what better time than spring to […]

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