miraSmooth®: Groundbreaking technology for permanent reduction of underarm hair and sweat!

October 23, 2015

You might have heard a lot of buzz about women “microwaving” their armpits in the name of beauty. What they are taking about is miraSmooth®, which is the new — and only — FDA approved procedure for permanent reduction of underarm hair and sweat (for sweat and odor, the same technology is called miraDry®).

I wanted to share with you the insights that I have into this technology, as one of the few physicians in the country currently trained to use miraSmooth®. I have seen the results of this procedure first-hand and I have heard the reactions of my patients who have had the procedure.

First, some background:

This technology works by using precisely controlled microwave technology to target and heat the hair follicles and the sweat and odor glands under your arms, which in turn, eliminates them.

This procedure is groundbreaking for three reasons:

First, traditional laser hair removal requires 6-12 laser treatments. In sharp contrast, using miraSmooth®, I am able to permanently reduce underarm hair growth by 70% and sweating by 80% in only one to two treatments, each of which takes approximately an hour. It is therefore extremely time-efficient.

Second, traditional laser hair removal used color contrast and light to target the follicles. Therefore, it wasn’t very effective in patients with light hair/light skin or in patients with darker skin/dark hair. Traditional laser hair removal was also ineffective if you had blonde, light brown, grey or red hair. miraSmooth, on the other hand, is “colorblind” — meaning that it is just as effective on all hair colors and all skin colors — because it uses heat to target the hair follicle rather than color contrast and light.

Third, in terms of sweating, in past years, I treated this issue by giving Botox injections under the arms every 3-4 months to keep the sweat under control. Although that is still a very effective solution, miraSmooth requires only two treatments for results which last for years. Several of my patients actually no longer need to even use antiperspirant on a daily basis after our treatment. In fact, many of my patients are opting for miraSmooth not because they suffer from excess sweating, but because they don’t like to rely on antiperspirants every day and feel that this is a healthier option for them.

I have seen how effective this technology is for both hair removal and sweat and odor elimination. It is a game changer for my patients who sweat under pressure at work or at the gym and previously had to select clothing fabrics and colors to try to mask this issue. It is also a game changer for my patients with skin tones and hair colors which previously couldn’t be treated by laser hair removal.

The biggest question I get is, is it safe?

Here’s the answer: This treatment uses the same technology as miraDry, which has been used to permanently reduce underarm sweat and odor in over 40,000 treatments with an excellent safety record. What happened was that physicians using miraDry were finding that this technology was also highly effective for hair removal. Thus, miraSmooth was born, which uses the same technology and device as miraDry, but for the purpose of hair removal. So, while miraSmooth is a newly FDA-approved procedure for hair removal, the technology behind it has a proven safety record.

And specifically, in terms of the safety of eliminating sweat glands under your armpits, this procedure is also safe given that only 2% of the approximately 2 million sweat glands in your body are under your arms and your body can safely sweat without them. Trust me, you won’t miss them!!

My bottom line: This technology is a home run. I am very impressed and so are my patients!

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